Dial Up Internet Connection

Web and Mail
UK ISP Provider

Looking for reliable, free dial up access?

If you're looking for a dialup or ISDN internet access provider in the UK, Web and Mail is the obvious choice.

No monthly connection charge. Instead, you pay local rate (0845) call charges through your 'phone bill for the time you spend online. Our ISP service is absolutely free, and you will be charged as little as 1p per minute to use it.
No set up fee, no contract.
Unlimited access - stay online as long as you want - it's up to YOU.
Free email with spam filter.
Free web space.
Problem-free connections - we support all modems up to 56k V90 / V92.
ISDN compatible - either 64K or 128K (including BT Highway).
Network modems and routers fully supported.

That's it! It really is that simple - there's no catch and no hidden charges. Wherever you are in the UK, you only pay local (0845) call rate for as much or as little access as you want.

So and enjoy free internet - any time, anywhere.

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